7 Steps to Deeply Confident and Feisty Living for Women

Free your Feisty Female Power and Fly!

Are you frustrated and finding it difficult to be in your own rhythm in this world where the ‘male’ way of doing things is the norm?

Whilst successful in your field, do you still lack the deep confidence to live courageously as your authentic self, fulfilling your purpose?

YOU are a unique woman and the world needs your special contribution.

My name is Shân Rees and my purpose is to help women develop the Deep Confidence to be who they really are: to free their Feisty Female Power and Fly!


As women, many of us have been rejected for being ourselves and encouraged to be someone else, in order to conform to societal norms, many of which are not in tune with a woman’s natural rhythm.

I believe now is the time for women – particularly older women – to come into our own. As women’s energy manifests more in the world, we will help to bring Peace, Balance and Harmony to the planet.

Most of us need support and guidance in a space of honouring and loving who we really are in order to sound our authentic note in the world. That’s why I offer programmes and guidance to help women – particularly women over 50 – to experience Deep Confidence.

Deep Confidence means being happy with who you are and comfortable in your own skin. This beings freedom, hope, magic and happiness into your life, and frees you to have the impact in the world you were born to make.

Live Authentically in Your Own Female Rhythm

If you feel drawn to this message, I invite you to take the next steps to your Feisty Female Power!


Download My Complimentary Workbook
“7 Steps to Deeply Confident and Feisty Living for Women”

This workbook will help you to:

Learn steps to Deep Confidence
Identify your own rhythm
Discover ways to assert who you really are


Connect with me for a complimentary Female Fulfilment Coaching Session where we will review your workbook together and come up with a mini Deep Confidence Plan for your upcoming year. I have several spaces open in my calendar for these sessions.


‘I feel stronger, and I accept and appreciate myself more.’

‘I am more at ease with myself and accept my decisions. I am able to express my opinions without worrying about what others think.’

‘This course has changed the way I look at the world.’

‘I now have the skills to say no.’

‘You have had such a positive impact on my life – you are a great teacher.’

‘Thanks to your teaching, I have all the tools I need and I am really clear what I need to do on a daily basis. It is totally up to me and it’s very exciting.’

‘Shan was professional, caring and inspiring. She enabled me to unlock my full potential.’