Are you tired of the same-old, same-old? Do you find yourself getting into the same
routines seemingly against your will? Are you afraid of doing things differently or
behaving in different ways from how you usually do because you are uncertain of the

   How might you easily bring magic into your life?

1. Remember when you meet someone that you have more in common with them than you
have differences. Focus on that commonality and you will create magic.

2.  Whenever you meet someone, take off your shoes. Metaphorically speaking, not
literally. This means you are acknowledging them for who they are, i.e. different from you.
It means – tread carefully, else you may tread on their dreams. The idea of walking barefoot
 to meet a person implies an openness and lack of encumbrance.

3.  Remember you are unique, with a special combination of  gifts, talents and 
abilities  to offer the world. In the wonderful words of Nelson Mandela ‘—–Your playing small does not serve the world——–as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously let
people do the same.’ Magic!

4.  Love yourself, then  love yourself some more; give yourself a hug.

5.  Answer the questions – What do I really love? What lifts my spirit? What truly enhances my life? Make sure you include these things in your everyday life.

6. If you had the chance, what magic would you sprinkle on the world today – what would
 the ingredients be? Do it.

 7. Notice the magic already in the worldthe birds, the animals, the trees; the acts of kindness and compassion; the love. It’s all there and the more we acknowledge and focus on it, the more we will create.

Go and create some magic!