As a life-enhancement expert, I have been working successfully as a Personal and Professional Development Trainer, Facilitator, Counsellor and Consultant in both the public and private sectors for over 35 years, assisting people to lead authentic, fulfilling lives. I now work with women, inspiring them to develop self-esteem and Deep Confidence to be in their own power, to sound their note in the world and to take steps to make their unique contribution.

I have a Degree in Anthropology from SOAS, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London; a Diploma in Guidance and Counselling; and have trained as a group facilitator, Style Coach and Life Coach. I also have a particular interest in Positive Ageing in which I have run courses. I am qualified to teach Mat-Based Pilates and I love yoga, walking and dance.

I have co-written and published ‘Assertion Training: How to be Who You Really Are.”

I am passionate about women coming into their own and making their mark on the world. Confidence truly is a skill that can be learnt. I should know – I grew up lacking confidence and thinking there was ‘something wrong with me’ and I learnt to love myself and to be confident. If you want to learn to love and honour yourself, expand into your best self, find fulfilment through making your unique contribution, I can help you too. The world needs women’s energy.

You are invited to connect with me for a complimentary Female Fulfilment Coaching Session, where we will review your workbook together and come up with a mini-Deep Confidence Plan.