Women are often under-valued because they do not celebrate themselves.  So that we thrive and flourish and achieve our goals, we really need to do this! Otherwise, sexist assumptions come into play, woman are undermined and under-valued – and everyone loses out. No good!

What happens when we don’t? We may become frustrated and feel unfulfilled because we’re not using ourselves fully; not offering what we uniquely have to give, and not showing up in the world as our true selves.  I’m going to show you how to put an end to this!

Big reasons to celebrate ourselves.  I believe passionately that the world urgently needs women’s energy and talents NOW. If we want to live in  a balanced, harmonious and peaceful world, it is largely women’s energy which will enable that. And it starts with individual women celebrating themselves.

What might stop you  You may feel uncomfortable tuning into how wonderful you are. Yes, women have been conditioned to stay quiet, but remember you are unique, with a unique combination of skills, talents and abilities, with a special contribution to make that only you can. NOW is the time to rise above feelings of discomfort, widen your perspective and sound your note in the world. The planet needs you!

Skills, talents and qualities.  We all have lots. Take a sheet of paper and write them down. Include everything you can think of  and things others have commented on. Talents – can you sing? Are you good at languages? What about spatial awareness? That’s one of mine – I’m good at parking in small spaces! And qualities – I’m quite sure you have loads. Organised, kind, helpful, feisty, good listener, fun to be with, to give you some ideas. When you’ve finished, keep the list safe, so that you can take it out and read it periodically.

Successes. Define your own. What you deem a success may be different from what anyone else thinks. I suggest you look back over your life and remember times when you felt good, when you were happy with the outcome; when you were true to yourself; focus on when you achieved what you set out to do; recall when you had clear communication with someone – that’s a success too. And what about when you simply felt good and were in alignment with your goals; that’s where it starts. Make another list and see how good it feels to read it over, in the spirit of celebrating YOU!

Physical. You are absolutely not allowed to say ‘nothing’! Not allowed!!  So much societal conditioning for women to look a certain way, but we are not going to buy into that. Your body and how you look are part of who you are. Please take the opportunity to celebrate it. So you may want to connect with gratitude for the fact that your body functions and serves you well; ponder on all the things it does for you. Think about something you have been given a compliment on  and celebrate that. I invite you to take  a look in a mirror and regard yourself with love and compassion – it’s a lovely, validating thing to do.

Essence and Uniqueness There’s no-one quite like you on the planet! Isn’t that something to celebrate? What makes you unique? What do you like best about yourself? As a simple exercise, put these aspects into a sentence, beginning with your name, and say it with conviction e.g. ‘Jane is a fabulous, feisty woman, very generous, a great organiser and fun to be with.’ Whenever you hear your name, be reminded of this sentence, depicting you at your best.

Here’s another idea – sit quietly and pay attention to your breathing. Become aware that, besides the thoughts, feelings and emotions which arise, there is something else that is constant. This is your essential and authentic self, who you really are, which is always there, no matter what. Really something to celebrate.

If you want to learn more tips and tools for celebrating yourself  as a woman, go to www.livingexcellently.co.uk and click on the link for your free gift and free Confidence clarity session. Thanks!