• Do you long for more confidence, so that you could deal effectively with all situations which present themselves and always feel good about yourself?
  • Would you love to gain competency in Assertion Skills so that you ensure all the situations in your life are win-win?
  • Do you yearn to be your wonderful, authentic self and not feel you need to pretend?

ALL these are skills which can be learnt. Some, it’s true, are born with more self-esteem and more self-confidence than others. But truly they are skills which may be built up, like any others. So why is it that, in general, folks put more energy and time into learning all sorts of other skills when really these  are the basic tools for a fulfilled and successful life—? Perhaps it is because the skills I’m talking about encompass more personal elements. We all have baggage from our childhood and previous experiences. However much we may wish to let go of fears, negativity and other ‘stuff’, it may feel scary to do so. It impinges on our deepest, hidden selves. It is also, of course, exciting and fun!

The key is to know how you’d like your life to be different. What is your vision? And then work back from there. Which skills do you need to learn in order to attain this? You’ll probably find that Confidence and Assertion Skills are included.

If you want to go further with  this, you may want to check out my course in which I help people to shed their fears and show up in the world as their authentic selves:


   I have been successfully running courses to give people these tools for over 25 years. I’ve co-authored ‘Assertion Training: How to be Who You Really Are’ ,  which has been used on Communication Skills courses.


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