If you are anything like me, you sometimes have ‘off’ days – days when you feel unmotivated or wonder what it’s all about. Of course, no-one can be ‘up’ all the time. Here are some ideas for living through such a period and benefiting:

  1. Embrace it  Everything happens for a reason, sometimes reasons beyond your ken. For example, maybe you have been working too hard and need a rest. (Research shows that those who rest regularly are the most productive). Maybe there are things going on in your life which are emotional drains. Whatever – welcome how you feel and accept it for the moment. What we resist persists; far better you give it attention than pretend it’s not happening. That way, it will run its course, promise!

2. Shed tolerations  What is taking up energy  in your life and not leading you to your goals? Keep your senses peeled for ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’. They will be energy drains. Maybe you have a person or people in your life who give out negative energy and demand your attention a lot. Perhaps something in your environment needs to change. Let go of these tolerations and give yourself some attention. You can fully serve the planet only when you are looking after yourself! Really take a look at what you are putting up with or any habits you have which no longer serve you. Let these things go!

3.  Re-visit your Values  You’ve doubtless done this before, but make a new list of your current values. These are things which enhance your life and help you to be your best self; like Peace, Beauty, Happiness, Joy, Connection, Appreciation. Are you regularly sufficiently topped-up with your priority values? Remember, these could emanate from you or from elsewhere. For example, Peace could be finding peace within through attending a Mindfulness class or being in a peaceful environment. Beauty could be wearing colours you love, having flowers in the house or going to an art gallery or reading a well-written book. Take steps to ensure that you are providing yourself with this sort of support.

4. What would make you feel good  – or better – in the moment? It could be something small like having a cup of tea, reading a book, going for a walk, whatever gets your juices flowing, or helps you to feel more relaxed. It may be lying down and having a rest. Don’t under-estimate the importance of that – after all, we are human beings, not human doings!  You are reminding yourself that there is always a possibility of change and attracting that to you by raising your vibration.

5. Put energy into your goals  Listen to your intuition on this one. It can work, but sometimes it’s better to rest. This is about getting on with your life anyway – taking steps towards your wider outcomes, even if you  don’t feel like it. As you have probably found, sometimes the momentum of doing this carries you forward and you actually begin to enjoy it!

6. Give yourself some love This embraces all the others, really. Ask yourself the question ‘If I was loving myself, what would I do or how would I be now?’ And be or do that.

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