I watched a really interesting and inspiring programme on television  on monday evening.
It presented being 100 plus in a very positive light and with honour and respect. How

Here are some of  the aspects of life valued by these wonderful people which
help them to stay motivated:

1.  Have or develop a passion and live it, whether it be walking and speaking for Peace and Justice or music or—

2.  Always see the best in situations; be positive.

3.  Refuse to adhere to stereotypical views of people of a certain age. Be yourself, do your
own thing.

4.  Connect with others, whether it be through charity or community work or a shared activity. One man said ‘I believe in giving something back to society, whatever your age.’ 

5.  Exercise. One woman, 103, declared she never uses her bus pass, as she walk every-
where. Even if that’s not possible, others did more gentle exercise.

6.  Try something new. Like a man who began running when he was 82!

7.  Speak your truth.

8.  Don’t take yourself too seriously

 What can you learn from this? Let me know at shan@livingexcellently.co.uk