We are at our best if we are in alignment, in the flow of who we are, being authentic; and that means both our inner selves and also our outer appearance. How you look and what you wear can aid you in expressing yourself and how you wish to be seen as a successful business woman. After all, we have to wear clothes, so why not wear what suits you and makes you feel good, and enhances your self-image?

SELF-IMAGE  It’s useful to get clear on what you want to express and convey through your appearance; perhaps get feedback from a friend and see if there is anything you may wish to change or experiment with. Do you want to come across as approachable/sassy,competent/fun —or all four?! Your choice – and bear in mind  how what you choose may be seen/interpreted by others. Your desired self-image in a professional capacity may be different from the one you are happy with at other times. Or maybe not. Again, your choice.

COLOUR  Do you know which colours enhance your appearance? It’s a shame to see women wearing colours which do nothing for them, or, worse, drain them. Of course, the colour you wear next to your face has greatest relevance. If you are not certain what suits you, there are Colour Consultants who can help; and it’s great fun to ‘have your colours done’. You get to see which colours lift you and which do the opposite, and there may be some surprises, as you realise you look great in a colour you don’t usually go for. That happened to me with bright pink, and I now have lots of that in my wardrobe!

STYLE  This is about making the most of your shape as well as taking into account individual preference, which is an ingredient of the uniqueness of your look. Again, there is lots of advice available from Style Coaches and Colour Consultants. When I worked in this field, I found that something quite small – for example, the addition of a scarf – could make a difference and change the energy of a look.

CONFIDENCE  The idea is to help you to feel and be your best self and have what you are wearing contribute to this; to enhance your confidence. And, as indicated, individual touches speak to this. For example, jewellery – is that your thing? If so, what sort and why, in the sense of what that may convey about you. For example, I wear costume jewellery, which I love. I think it conveys a certain femininity and also sense of fun.

This is all in the context of us as women living excellently and authentically, ensuring our visibility, boldly sounding our note in the world and making our unique contribution. Have you experimented with your self-image lately? If not, give it a go and have some fun!