1.  Take Responsibility for your own Ageing.

Don’t buy  into assumptions that you will develop ailments as you age. You are more responsible for ageing well and for your quality of life as you grow older than you may have imagined. This includes mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Can you be open to that possibility?

2.  Forgive, forgive, forgive.

 Yourself and others. Let go of any resentments from the past. Holding on to stuff never did anyone any good. On the contrary, it harms you. Just let it all go and give yourself space to move forward into your chosen future.

3.  Who do you want to be now? 

You may want to tap into different parts of yourself from those you have connected with previously. There may be something you’ve always wanted to do, a way you have always wanted to be (we are human beings, after all). Now’s the time – go for it. The world needs the energy of older women in order to bring it back to harmony and balance. What part will you play?

4.  Honour, accept and respect yourself. 

This is not the time to give energy to what others think about you. This is the time to care very much about what is the right path for you, and to really embrace and love yourself and who you are. For yourself and the planet. If not now, when?!

5.Take care of your body. (obviously).

Find exercise which you enjoy; do it. ‘Use it or lose it’ is no idle maxim. Eat nourishing food which you enjoy. Wear whatever you want to wear and feel comfortable in. Dye your hair or not, as you  wish. Wear make-up or not – your choice. Above all, accept yourself and love your body, all of it – just as it is.

6.  Take care of your mental wellbeing.

Stretch your mind. Perhaps study something new. Test your memory, keep it robust. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Ask yourself if old habits still serve you, and, if not, let them go. Simply taking a different route from usual to get somewhere stimulates the neurons in the brain. Make sure you are mentally invigorated.

7. Take care of your spiritual needs

Trust in life and in yourself. Be open to possibilities. Make sure you have enough beauty in your life. Listen to your inner guidance. Get in touch with your intuition and with your personal power. Be honest with yourself about what suits you and what your natural rhythm is – live in that.

8.  Embrace what gives you joy.

Spend time doing what makes your heart sing. At the same time, use yourself, do what makes you feel fulfilled; live your purpose. It’s up to you to find out what that is, at this stage. Take yourself lightly, and celebrate yourself and your life so far often.

9. Simply BE YOURSELF. Live courageously and authentically, sounding your note in the world.

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