It can be particularly challenging as women to live our values. Societal conditioning runs deep, and when living in a society contextualised within ‘male’ thinking, this is especially true. The generally-accepted values are often ones we do not feel comfortable with.

We can truly be in our own power only if we are embodying our values, living our lives in rhythm with what energises us and lifts our spirits; in the flow of our own truth. It is only if we are in our own flow that we can make our unique contribution.

So, it’s really important to be aware of what our values are. What makes you feel good, happy, light? When do you feel on top of the world – and when the opposite? Ask yourself what are the ingredients of that particular experience which lifts your spirits? And how do you make sure you have enough of that quality or value in your life?

Here are some examples. For me, one of my values is BEAUTY. It’s important for my best functioning to have sufficient of this in my life. There are many ways of finding this – beauty in art, appearance, a well-written book, a well-performed play, a song or piece of music, anything in the natural world; a film which, as well as great acting, contains superb cinematography. These things make me feel good and inspire me. And  – here is another way of tuning in to your values – if I don’t have sufficient beauty energy in my life, I can feel flat and uninspired; beauty inspires me and leads me towards being my highest self. So, when I feel this way,  I can ask myself what I need and provide it. Notice when you don’t feel so good and ask yourself what would make you feel more in tune with yourself – and there you have it, a value you are lacking and which you can find ways to bring into your life.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT  is another value which women often find they do not have enough of in their lives.  First, make sure you acknowledge yourself, not only when you  have done something which you are happy with, but also for being yourself. Acknowledge yourself for your thoughts, ideas, opinions, skills, all of it.  And acknowledge others for who they are and for things they have done. It is all the same energy. You could also speak up if you have worked hard on something or done something you are pleased with and have not been acknowledged for it – ask  eg. ‘I spent a long time on this, and I’d appreciate being acknowledged for it.’ A woman in her own power asks for what she wants, whilst leaving space for the request to be fulfilled or not, as you cannot be responsible for that. What’s important is loving and valuing yourself sufficiently to ask. If you need more of this value in your life, also notice when others are acknowledging people, and absorb some of that energy.

PEACE is something many of us want more of. We live in such a busy world, it is sometimes difficult to find. If this is true for you, start with noticing times when you feel peaceful, if not totally, even just a bit more than usual. Make peace with yourself – minimize negative thoughts, don’t criticise yourself; forgive yourself. Also forgive others and aim to think positively about them as much as you can. Anything else leads to stress, the opposite of Peace. Being in nature is peaceful for some, or being by the sea. Perhaps listening to music or playing an instrument brings you peaceful vibes. Think about when you feel relaxed – you probably feel peaceful then. Or what about taking action for Peace in the world?

These are some ideas for enhancing your life through energising your values. A woman in her own power makes sure she ‘tops up’ the values which are important for her wellbeing and for her best-functioning. This way, you will stand the best chance of living authentically in your own rhythm as who you really are and making your unique contribution to the world.

Of course, you will have your own list. Why not start making it now and identifying how you can bring more of the energy of your top values into your life—-it’s a very worthwhile way of energising your life.