The sun may not be shining; nevertheless, the energy around the time of the Summer Solstice supports you in shining your light in the world, in expressing your uniqueness. It is the peak  time for expressive and expansive energy, for self-expression.

   What do you want to express? If you are not sure, ask yourself in what areas of your life you
do not feel fulfilled; in which areas do you not feel joy? This may be because you are not living and expressing your truth.

   Look back to the beginning of 2012. What were your plans? How far have you come with
them? Are any areas of stuckness due to your fears or unwillingness to live authentically?

  Could it be that you are worried about what others may think or you lack confidence to move forward?

  Identify one area in which you’d like to move forward, to make progress. What is a small step you could take in the next couple of days, taking advantage of the special energy which is around now?

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