HONOUR  your needs. Tell yourself the truth about what would make your heart sing, what would bring you joy; what would enhance your life. Women are often bad at acknowledging their own needs and good at making the needs of others more important than their own.

FULFILL  your needs. Either do that for yourself, or make a request of someone else. Scary? Nothing ever changes if you live entirely within your comfort zone. What’s the worst that can happen? They say no. Never mind – what’s important is that you honoured yourself enough to ask.

REMIND YOURSELF  often what you are good at. What are your qualities? Appreciate them. Remember to use them in relation to yourself as well as others.

BE HONEST – What is it you  would love to offer the world; what is your unique gift or contribution? Are you offering it, or do you perhaps need to build confidence or need support?

Female Fulfiment Coaching could help you.

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