—-Someone who knows exactly what you need, when you need it and what to do about it. 

GREAT NEWS  – you have – it’s YOU!

For sure, you are the best person for this job. Because – are you not the one who always knows what’s right for you at any particular moment? Will you allow yourself to have what you need? Doesn’t it feel good and confidence-building when you do?


Do you ever find yourself hoping  someone else – a lover, a parent,  a close friend – will notice what would lift your spirits and give it to you? You could be waiting a long time! If it happens, regard it as a bonus, and a very nice one too. And when it doesn’t, it feels horrible. So – take charge and handle it yourself!

In this post, I want to show you that the more you trust and listen to yourself, the better your life will be. TRULY! There is nothing like having someone you can really rely on – especially when that person is you.

Of course, it’s great when people help each other out and do things for one another. I don’t want that to stop. What I do want is for you to trust and love yourself enough to be your own provider.


Old stories about being selfish, perhaps. Simply not being in the habit. Thinking you don’t deserve it. Yawn! Those days are past.  You definitely do! ‘Selfish’ is good, when it means you are setting yourself up to be the best you – that way you empower not only you but everyone you come into contact with. And to do that, your deepest needs must be acknowledged and met.

Or perhaps you are not sure what you want. The following ideas will help.

  1.  At any time during the day, and especially if you feel less than your best self, ask yourself ‘What would feel good now?’ Take a few calming deep breaths, tune into yourself and listen to the answer. Do it or be it (it could be taking a rest). As soon as possible. See how good it feels to listen to yourself.
  2. Ask yourself at intervals ‘If I was loving myself, what would I  do or be now?’ And follow through. To make these ideas more accessible, write a list–I love myself, therefore— See how good it feels to love yourself!
  3. Be sure you have enough fun and lightness in your life consistently. Make a list  and include things which take just a few minutes. How about making yourself laugh; relaxing with a good book. Whatever works for you. Doesn’t it feel good to depend on yourself to make sure you have some enjoyment when you need it?
  4. Celebrate! Always celebrate when you fulfil a need. Perhaps keep a journal, or simply acknowledge yourself. That way it becomes a double whammy. And doesn’t that feel good?

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